DAO.EOS Airdrop Announcement

1 billion DAO.EOS token will be airdropped to the EOS token holders who still hold the EOS by at 23:00 UTC on 02-Jun-2018. DAO.EOS LTD will use the EOS network’s genesis snapshot tool to distribute the tokensat at 23:00 UTC on 03-Jun-2018  with 1:1 of EOS token. DAO.EOS token will be airdropped after the EOS bios boot because it depends on the EOS complete running chain totally.


DAO.EOS LTD will airdrop 1.2 billion DAO.EOS tokens. For these tokens, 80% of DAO.EOS tokens will be airdropped to the EOS token holders themselves. 10% of the tokens will be given to the Launch Team. The remaining 10% of DAO.EOS token will be given to the DAO.EOS Community to support its developement. DAO.EOS LTD  will publish its community regulation in the following days.


DAO.EOS LTD could not decide if cryptocurrency exchange will support this airdrop. Therefore, all eos holders has to confirm with cryptocurrency exchange by themselves. DAO.EOS LTD will provide bonus for those users who promote this event with cryptocurrency exchange. Most cryptocurrency exchanges will agree with this airdrop. If your cryptocurrency exchange do not support our airdrop, you may need transfer them to your own wallet which you hold the private key. Because of the EOS bios boot, please finish the reflect in advance.