DAO.EOS nominates candidate for Super League and announces the launch of Genesis Airdrop

On May 18th, Beijing time, EOS officials officially passed the DAO.EOS community’s application for becoming a candidate for the EOS super node. It was learned that DAO.EOS was selected as a candidate for the Super Node with a perfect score of 8 points and announced the launch of the Genesis Airdrop.

DAO.EOS is a distributed autonomous organization. DAO.EOS will be owned and led by the holders of its tokens. DAO.EOS is based on the healthy development of supporting EOS Ecology. It is understood that DAO.EOS is currently owned by DAO of Hong Kong. The company EOS operates and DAO.EOS is also registered in the company called “Blockchain Paradise” Malta.

DAO.EOS as a candidate node for EOS block production, DAO.EOS will focus on providing reliable services for EOS, and will contribute back to the development of EOS.

As a distributed autonomous organization. The DAO.EOS team will focus on the diversity of the community and the high transparency of management and finance. The DAO.EOS node will disclose the revenue and expenses of each node. DAO.EOS will strengthen the communication with other DAC communities and provide the EOS system. Decentralization makes the greatest effort.

As an advocate of the EOS system, DAO.EOS will contribute its node’s revenue mainly to support the EOS-based DAPP campaign. DAO.EOS will provide the DAPP development team with a display window and will air-drop its tokens to the EOS community. The primary function of the tokens will be for the holders to have the right to vote for their support team. When a certain number of votes is reached, the DAO.EOS team will provide funding and assistance for the project party.

In the DAO.EOS BP and the official website, you can see that the DAO.EOS release team lineup is very powerful.

Liu Qiang, Bachelor of Communication Engineering, Master of Cryptography, currently studying in the Netherlands Dr. TUDelft. The research field is network science. He focuses on the communication process research, time series analysis and prediction on the Internet. He has published many papers in related fields and holds a number of related patents in the field of communications. Bitcoin’s early followers have a deeper research on blockchain-related cryptographic algorithm design.

Deng Wei is a graduate of the School of Management of the National Taiwan University, a bachelor of accounting, a professional manager and a well-known investor in the TMT project. The investment field involves communication equipment technology, e-commerce, internet medical care and traditional media. Currently, he is currently the general manager of the joint investment department of the Central Bank and the executive director of the Internet medical platform. In 2016, he invested heavily in encrypted digital currency. In 2017, he served as a senior adviser to Beijing Zhongguancun Digital Currency Trading Platform. In 2018, he joined the DAOEOS team to participate in the EOS super node campaign.

Du Fu is a Ph.D. student in artificial intelligence and machine learning from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research interests include ubiquitous behavior prediction, proficiency in natural language processing, reinforcement learning and optimization algorithms. He has worked for Internet companies, and has participated in industry and academia. A number of R&D projects. He has participated in a number of high-frequency, automated trading projects and has a deep understanding of machine learning in the financial field. Early blockchain participants and developers participated in the investment and development of multiple blockchain projects.

Akshay Kumar holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Science, Systems and Technology from the Punjab Technical University. He has more than 6 years of experience in marketing and more than 3 years experience in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry.

Cai Wei is a four-year senior management experience in the overseas asset allocation industry. He is currently the general manager of the UK branch office and the general manager of Tangqiao immigration. The businesses involved include trusts, overseas asset allocation, mergers and acquisitions, as well as marketing and consulting services for immigration services. Good at online precise marketing and community building and offline circle marketing. On the basis of having a large amount of financial industry resources, we plan online and offline circle marketing activities and senior event salons throughout the year, and are good at providing high-net-worth individuals with solutions for overseas purchases. In 2017, he founded and joined the DAOEOS team. In 2018, the DAOEOS team led the EOS super node campaign to create a ‘People’s Node’ target.

Liu Rendong is a master of computer science at Delft University in the Netherlands. He has been engaged in software development for many years and specializes in website architecture design. Early blockchain participants and developers participated in several blockchain project investments.

Tang Caiying holds a master’s degree from University College London, UK and a bachelor’s degree from University of Warwick, UK. More than 5 years of experience in strategic investment and TMT early investment. 2016 began to lead overseas team operations to raise funds for private equity funds and participate in the completion of multiple UK M&A projects. In 2017, he came into contact with and learned more about the ‘blockchain 3.0 technology landing’ project. At the same time, he is an early investor in the blockchain project and has profound insights and experience in the ‘financial attributes’ blockchain technology breakthrough.

The disclosed DAO.EOS team can be said to be very powerful, and its public network test chain located at EOS.HOST has been out of the normal block.

In the disclosure, the community feedback program that the majority of the people in the currency circle care about has also been announced.

DAO.EOS as a community-owned nodal candidate, the feedback to the community will be the primary goal of DAO.EOS. Among them, DAO.EOS will focus on the development of Dapp in the EOS ecosystem. DAO.EOS will first develop a wallet software that allows community members to vote and integrate the interface that can be displayed by the DAPP development team in the voting software. The holders of DAO.EOS and EOS will be able to vote through their own preferences. Select the supporting DAPP development team. DAO.EOS will reward DAPP when the votes exceed a certain percentage.

DAO.EOS as a node possessed by its token holders will keep its finances fully transparent. The main goal of DAO.EOS is to support DAPPs based on EOS development. DAO.EOS promised to invest all its nodes in the development of DAPP. After the EOS main chain goes online, DAO.EOS will hold an EOS.DAO token at 1:1 for all EOS tokens. The main purpose of EOS.DAO is to vote. Voting will include and not be limited to community managers. The revenue of the node to other DAPP team investment, etc., all steps will be open and transparent.

Regarding the issue of bribery, DAO.EOS expressed its strong opposition to the election of ESO elections, and announced that it would never vote. All nodes of DAO.EOS will be invested in the development of DAPP in EOS Ecology after removing operating costs, and the entire process will remain completely open and transparent.

From the above it can be seen that DAO.EOS is striving to maintain the ecological health of EOS. It is believed that EOS is a good news and it is expected that its holders will not hesitate to vote for DAO.EOS.



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