Distributed Autonomous Organization

DAO.EOS is an autonomous distributed organization and EOS block production candidate

DAO.EOS nodes and communities will be owned by all DAO.EOS token holders.

The goal of DAO.EOS is to help the development of DAPP based on EOS development through the vote of all token holders.


The main function of DAO.EOS tokens is to provide token holders with voting rights, including but not limited to: DAO.EOS management team election, investment decisions for EOS inflation reward, etc.
After the EOS mainnet is launched, DAO.EOS will generate total 1.2 billion DAO.EOS tokens, 75% of DAO.EOS Token will distribute to all addresses that hold EOS tokens (1 DAO.EOS token for each EOS token). The EOS.DAO team will retain 10% of the total EOS.DAO tokens, and the remaining tokens will be used based on token holders’ voting results.

DAO.EOS Wallet

DAO.EOS will develop a wallet (for EOS only) which includes both the project display function and voting function. DAO.EOS holders are entitled to vote for projects they support. After a certain ratio of votes is received, a smart contract will be automatically triggered. DAO.EOS Community Cash Pool will offer cash and assistance to projects.  

DAO.EOS Timeline

March 2018:
Project research 100%
April 2018:
DAO.EOS team is established 100%
DAO.EOS website is online 100%
May 2018:
Social networking online 100%
Participate in EOS node election 100%
Participate in EOS Test Network 80%
June 2018:
EOS main line 60%
Take a snapshot of the EOS holder's address 50%
1:1 airdrop DAO.EOS token for snapshot address 30%
DAO.EOS Wallet Development 30%
July 2018:
DAO.EOS Wallet Release 20%
DAO.EOS token exchange 20%
DAO.EOS wallet crowdfunding function on line 20%
August 2018:
DAO.EOS Management Team Campaign 20%

DAO.EOS Release Team

Pob Liu

Bachelor of Communication Engineering, Master of Cryptography, currently studying in the Netherlands Dr. TUDelft. The research field is network science. He focuses on the communication process research, time series analysis and forecasting on the Internet. He has published many papers in related fields and holds a number of related patents in the field of communications. Bitcoin’s early followers have a deeper research on blockchain-related cryptographic algorithm design.

Vincent Deng

Tao Vincent, Deng National TaiWan University, School of Management, BA. Professional manager and Investor in TMT industry. His investment involves Telecom equitment technology, E-Commerce, Traditional Media, Internet Medical platform. Currently is the General Manger of YGLH Media Corp. and CEO of Internet Medical Platform. In 2016, began his investment into encrypted digital currency. In 2017, appointed as Non-Executive Director and advisor of an digital currency trading platform in Beijing. In 2018, Joined DAOEOS to participate in EOS super node campaign.

Octeufer Du

Ph.D in artificial intelligence and machine learning at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. His research interests include behavior predictive analytics, natural language processing, reinforcement learning and optimization algorithms. He has worked for Internet companies, and has participated in several industrial and academic projects. Apart from that, he has participated in a number of high-frequency, automated trading projects; and has a deep understanding of machine learning in financial field. In addition, he is an early blockchain participant and developer who has participated in several projects.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar
Marketing Manager

With a Bachelor Degree in Information Science, Systems, and Technology from Punjab Technical University and 6+ years of experience in marketing field, and 3+ years in the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain industry.

Liu Rendong

Liu Rendong, M.S., Delft University of Technology, Computer science. Experienced in software development and scalable web architecture design. Early blockchain investor and developer, invested multiple blockchain program.

Pino Cai

4 years of management experience in Family Office and Oversea Asset Allocation industry. Currently the General Manager of OY Family office UK and TQ immigration service. His business involves Trusts, Asset aloocation, M&A and Immigration consulting service. Excellent in online marketing and community building, as well as social marketing for High-Net-Worth clients. On the basis of having superb relationship networks and resources in the financial industry, he constantly organize High-net-worth social network event and provide solution for oversea asset allocation. In 2017, he establish and join the DAOEOS team. Im 2018, led the DAOEOS team to EOS super node campaign, to strive for ‘EOS Antonomos’ succeed.

Tsoi Ying Catharine

Tong University College London, Msc ; University of Warwick, BEng. More than 5 years’ strategic investment experience in Telecom, Media and Technology fields. Led an oversea team in UK and Ireland to raise and operate a private equity fund since 2016. The PE fund has then completed 5 UK M&A Projects. In 2017, became to involved in ‘Blockchain 3.0 technology innovation project. At the same time, as an early stage investor in blockchain field, has built up her profound insights and experience in the breakthrough of ‘financial attributes’ of blockchain technology.

Leo Lee

Peking University Master of Journalism and Communication

DAO.EOS promises that no bribery will be tolerated during a voting process.